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The rooms

If you're curious to discover the transformation of this architectural gem and are looking for an unusual experience, the Hotel La Prison is the perfect place for you!

The building offers 50 rooms with vaulted ceilings, yet there are no longer bars on the windows, which have been widened to reveal views of the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire or the Narbonnais plain.

No more collective showers either... Here, two bedrooms have been installed for every three cells, and the cell in the middle has been divided in two to provide each bedroom with a large shower room.

Sleeping at the Prison, doesn't mean sleeping on a straw mattress. When it comes to bedding, we've taken good care of you, and all our beds are 5-star.

You can choose between different room categories, but as in the penitentiary days, you'll have to elbow your way out, as not all our rooms have air-conditioning. The refurbishment was carried out with a desire to preserve not only the character of the building but also its existing features, using local craftsmen and contractors and quality antique furniture.

For a monastic atmosphere, we offer you the cell in its different versions (single, standard, triple). For business trips or romantic getaways, we recommend the Cosy, a spacious room with a real office area, often with a separate toilet. The Comfort room is an all-in-one room, with the advantage of air-conditioning. If you're looking for a stay with friends or family, we recommend the Family Suite or the Atypical Room.

Hôtel La Prison's double promise is to provide guests with a close-up experience of the local culture, while making them feel at home in a well-appointed, personalized and comfortable interior.
Our team will welcome you and guide you through your stay, ensuring that your expectations are met.
With our additional services and beautiful living spaces, you'll feel pampered throughout your time with us.



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Family Suite


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